Ways to Lower the High Price of Cell Phone Long Distance Bills

Tired of wrestling with high long distance bills or a large overage on your cell phone? I for one don’t look forward to receiving my cell phone bill each month as a result of the hidden fees that may lurk inside.

Whether you or someone in your family is making long distance calls it seems there are few reasonable solutions to keep costs down. Of course, this mainly applies to people that make calls internationally or within the USA, but even though cell phone companies have more included in their plans of domestic long distance calls there are several areas that you have to be careful of when it comes to placing long distance or international calls.

It’s not uncommon to get a $100 dollar surprise in the mail from your phone company.

Usually people have to learn the lesson the hard way as it takes some high bills to seek other solutions to lower long distance bills and find alternatives. The good news is that there are many options now for calling overseas at reasonable rates.

If you find that you are seeking to lower your long distance bills there are alternatives to look for beyond what your cell phone company may do to lower your rates. You see most cell phone companies don’t offer the low rate international rates unless asked and when you do call about the high bills you are receiving it may be too late to negotiate anything lower. Most of the times low rates come as an added feature for cell phones and this is something that could cost 10 dollars a month for just to be eligible for discount calling.

The smart people would say “I’m just going to make internet calls then for free!” we’ll before you try that think about what your options are. Yes, there are options out there for free internet calls but you really need an option that works on your cell phone or other phones in your household.

Check out your smartphone apps too! There are several options of utilizing voice over IP to make calls through WiFi internet. This works well if you know who you are calling and you are both available through WiFi. Although a good solution in some instances it may not fulfill the need for making calls on the go when you are outside of your home.

Another option is phone cards for placing long distance calls and this works well but presents some hassle for folks that don’t want any interruption on the call or don’t have money left on the card. Two things that have been awkward about phone cards is having to travel to get them and also dealing with pin numbers that are always changing.

Seek long distance calling solutions that work on both your home phone, cell phones and family phones.

Basically there are solutions out there for people and many, but for sake of convenience you may want to seek a prepaid international pinless card. These types of cards that are also called pinless digital phone cards are the next generation of phone cards that allow consumers to order online and then specify the phones they want the low rates to apply to. This type of a solution can also work on your existing cell phone in most cases.

Overall, there are many ways to reduce your long distance bills but it will require some research and due diligence on your own time to seek out solutions that work for you and make your life more convenient.

No matter what direction you choose it’s important to apply due diligence in your search in order to seek out the best options for you. Avoid those high rates and work towards lower long distance bills that technology is now providing consumers.