How to Identify Unknown Callers Who Block Their Caller-ID

It’s illegal to make telemarketing calls with an anonymous Caller-ID. However, dishonest salespeople do it anyway and you end up getting disturbed by those calls. It’s usually at the worst time of the day when your eating dinner or relaxing in the evening.

There is a way to see the Caller-ID of anonymous callers. However, it will cost a little to do it. You need to temporarily use a toll-free number and forward your local line to it. These numbers can be had for only $2 a month without a contract.

How This Works

The trick is based on the way that the billing information is passed along the phone network. When you use a toll-free number to receive calls, the phone company is required to show you the Caller-ID even if the caller is blocking it.

The law requires this because you are paying for the call. Therefore you deserve to know the details of what you’re paying for, and that includes seeing who the caller is.

So how does this help if unknown callers are bothering you by calling your local landline or your cell phone? Here’s the trick. You need to forward your local number or cell phone to a toll-free number that you own. Toll-free numbers only cost $2 a month from service providers such as Kall8.

Now, it’s important to get this part right. You can’t let your toll-free number forward to your local number if your local number is also forwarding to your toll-free number. You can see why. This creates an infinite loop that goes nowhere. Therefore, you need to set your toll-free number to always go to voicemail.

You’ll have to call everyone back who left you a message, but at least you’ll be able to see the Caller-ID of all the callers, including the one who is harassing you with anonymous calls.

How to See the Caller-ID

All service providers allow you to access a log of all calls, usually by logging into your account. These logs also show the length of the calls.

Once you succeed at trapping the anonymous telemarketer and you have his or her number, you can report them to the authorities and discontinue the toll-free service. Assuming you no longer need it for anything else.

If you used a toll-free number from Kall8, you can cancel the service at any time. They do not require a long-term contract. You pay only for the months you have the service active.

Alternate Method to Answer Live

Instead of using voicemail for the reason I mentioned above, if you have another local number that you have access to, then forward your toll-free number to that number. By doing this you’ll be able to answer the incoming calls and see the Caller’s ID on the spot!

There’s no need to check the log in this case. The Caller-ID is passed along to the phone you are transferring to.

Sometimes it’s worth spending a little to trap someone who is bothering you. Your piece of mind is what counts.